6 Simple Money Savers That Shouldn’t Be Ignored  

6 Simple Money Savers That Shouldn’t Be Ignored  

People are always looking for ways to save money. Here are some simple money savers that are often ignored:


Don’t Just Stick with Your Bank

The market-place is becoming more and more competitive, and banks are laying on the gift-wrapped incentives to secure your business. Some offer a bit of an interest rate for a set period of time, while others are offering cash bonuses when you join them! It’s also really simple to switch banks these days as the banks actually do all the work for you, so why not have a look around.


Make the most of Credit Card Cash-back 

And why shouldn’t you? We all have credit cards, we all need to use them for our credit ratings, so why not take advantage of the generous cashback schemes some of them are offering? Some schemes offer a temporary cashback of a whopping 5 per cent! Something to keep in mind.


Juggle Your Finances

It is important to remember that debt is more expensive than interest earned on savings. If you’re in debt you should pay as much of it off as you can as a priority over savings (caveat – each individuals circumstances vary – so this may not be the case for you.  Get proper financial advice). Pay as much of it off as you can with savings especially on credit cards, and without leaving yourself without a safety net. You can shuffle this around with a balance transfer to a 0% card, or sometimes it works better to consolidate credit card debt with a low interest loan instead


Sell Some Old Stuff!

When is the last time your flogged some of your old stuff? Take a look around your house and actually ask yourself “Do I really need this?” You might be surprised what you come across if you have a good look, and how much money there is to be made. All the stuff like CDs, boxsets, books, wedding dresses, old furniture and other things that you never use have value for someone else. Sell them online through sites like Gumtree or Ebay. If you have any children that have now grown up, be sure to check there aren’t any old Pokémon cards lurking in a box in the loft, you might be shocked to learn how much some of them are worth. [Link to Article]


Home and Car Insurance

Many people just let their home and car insurance run on and automatically renew.  But did you know that premiums are often increased disproportionately to inflation?  It may surprise you to realise that your premium has just gone up by 20 or 30% when you have had no claims and no changes to your circumstances.  If you ring around and get a few quotes you may be pleasantly surprised.  Then if you like your insurer and want to give them the chance to match the quotes go ahead.  And if they can’t or won’t then you have alternatives!



Marriage Tax Allowance  

More than 80% of married couples miss out on what is basically free money. There are a few conditions, such as a household income of less than £43,000. But it’s well worth checking if you’re eligible, and applying if so.

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