Money-saving apps for your summer holidays!

Money-saving apps for your summer holidays!

We all know how easy it is to get a bit too excited on our holiday and do a bit of over spending! Even if you’re aware at the time you’re going over your budget, it can be hard to care when you’re sat out in the sun with your favourite cocktail or ice-cream. Luckily, there are a few apps you can use on your phone which will help you cut corners and save some dosh! Here’s three money saving apps for your summer holidays!

Slash Roaming Charges with Roamer

If you haven’t already heard of Roamer, it is is app that allows you to bring your own phone number along with you around the world. When you’re ready to travel, you tell Roamer your phone number. Any calls to you are then forwarded to a local number in the country you’re visiting and you answer them just as you would at home, paying local rates instead of exorbitant roaming ones! I think this is a brilliant idea.

Never struggle with the local lingo with Word Lens

Are you multilingual? If not then the App Word Lens will help you out a lot! It’s free on Apple and Android devices too, and basically translates anything using just your phone’s camera – point your phone at the gobbledygook word and wait for the app to translate it. You need never point your finger blindly at something on a menu and hope for the best… I wish I had known about this years ago – it would have put an end to many awkward conversations.

At the moment, the app translates between English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian, and it’s free for both Apple and Android users. And as there is no internet connection needed for the app either, it won’t drive up your overseas phone bills.

Get sat-nav for free with Navfree

Navfree is a awesome, free app which turns your phone into a sat-nav,  with pre-loaded maps, route planning and voice prompts. And, like the translator app, it doesn’t need any internet data to find routes – one area where it’s clearly better than Google Maps! Download it before you go, work out your routes and store them in your phone.

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