New IFA?

New IFA?

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It’s always a tricky decision taking on a new supplier – whether that decision is who to employ to build your new extension, or to fix your central heating or even whether to try that new restaurant that opened down the road. It is an even more difficult decision to choose a new professional services firm – whether that is a lawyer, an accountant or an new IFA.  It is tricky because they are not most people’s area of expertise and a lot of what professional services firms do, seems a mystery to most.   Also – there is no ONE way to skin a cat.  Much of the reputation of a firm of Independent Financial Advisers, for example,  is based on the knowledge and experience of the individual IFA’s within the firm.

So – how do you know which Independent Financial Adviser to pick?

Well, nowadays social media has brought referrals and recommendations back into fashion (if they were ever out of fashion).  Don’t you feel more reassured to buy a product on Amazon that has a lot of good reviews, over one that has no reviews?   Don’t you feel more reassured to TRY that new restaurant down the road, if you can read a few reviews on Trip Advisor or another review site?

Yes – we agree.  Which is why I was delighted to be featured in the VouchedFor Top Rated Advisers pull out in the Daily Mail recently. Have a look at it the Daily Mail Supplement here.


VouchedFor is the UK’s leading adviser review site.  It is an independent site which verifies the professionals on its site and has only genuine reviews from the clients of those professionals.  These are not testimonials forwarded by the firms themselves – these are reviews that come through the VouchedFor site directly.

We hope that by voluntarily joining VouchedFor – we are giving our clients and potential clients the reassurance that as a firm of IFA’s, not only do we know what we are doing, not only are we qualified to do what we are doing, but we have been ‘vouched for’ by many of our existing clients.


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