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The MAC Financial Investment Process takes care to ensure that your investment portfolio matches your real-world risk/reward profile and we undertake thorough research into the underlying investments on an ongoing basis.

Personal Financial Investment

Investments are the most misunderstood and form the majority of the financial planning world. The noise of information on different types of investment opportunities that can be bought or sold, taxed or untaxed, instant access or fixed term often leads to confusion, which in itself leads to poor decision making and potential underperformance or loss of money.

MAC Financials Investment Process is defined by its outcomes. These can be summarised as follows – all clients require a Short, Medium and Long term strategy to their Investment planning. So, the products available are selected based on the individual client requirement. If it doesn’t fit their strategy then the investment is not used.

When making formal recommendations MAC Financials Investment Process will take into consideration the following areas:

  • Clients attitude to risk and capacity for loss
  • Client and investment product taxation
  • Investment flexibility required
  • Investment control (fund selection)
  • Investment term and potential return

MAC Financials Investment Process takes time at the beginning assessing our client’s needs and objectives through profiling, questioning and focused discussion. When providing investment advice, the clients ‘Risk Profile’ is a primary factor in choosing not only the type of investment product, but the portfolio of funds within it and where it fits into our client’s strategy. We take care to also manage expectation on investment return. This profiling can be product specific or related to the clients overall portfolio.

MAC Financials Investment Process enables access to all areas of investment planning, the most common are as follows:

  • Individual Pensions and Self Invested Pensions (SIPs)
  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)
  • Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISA)
  • Unit Trust & OEICs
  • Regular Saving Plans
  • Onshore Investment Bonds
  • Offshore Investment Bonds
  • Child Trust Funds (CTF)
  • School Fees Planning
  • Bank & Building Society Accounts

MAC Financial Model Portfolios

The core of MAC Financials Investment Process is delivered through a series of model portfolios, which suit a broad number of clients’ investment needs.
These portfolios enable solid core investment principles to be applied across all client profiles. These can still enable bespoke portfolios to be created to reflect an individual client’s personal wishes.

The net outcome is that you will not need to take unexpected, last minute action to keep your portfolio on track. If any activity is required you will already know what you are going to do before it happens. We aim to deliver this and thus provide you with the reassurance you came to us for in the first place.

MAC Discretionary Fund Management

Some of our MAC Club Members also require a more bespoke and active investment process. MAC Financial has partnered with a number of Discretionary Fund Management Groups who work with us to deliver not only an actively managed investment portfolio, but something that can be tailored to a specific outcome.

Corporate Financial Investment

MAC Financials Investment Process recognises that like individuals, all businesses require a Short, Medium and Long term strategy to their corporate investment planning. So, the products available are selected based on this Corporate strategy.
There are many reasons that Corporate entities make investments, an example of these as are follows:

  • Sheltering monies from taxation (Corporation Tax)
  • Increasing returns on Cash deposits
  • Regular savings strategy for Asset purchase
  • Improve balance sheet of the business through investment planning
  • Exit strategy planning for Directors
  • Profit protection

The requirements of the business are paramount and so risk profiling is a critical part of this process. We can offer everything from Guaranteed returns to Aggressive market investments (and anywhere in between), so it’s information gathering in this area which is key:

  • Onshore Investment
  • Offshore Investment
  • Discretionary Fund Management
  • Bank & Building Society Accounts
  • Regular Savings Plans

It is important to remember that with Corporate investment, these decisions can take time to agree and this is part of the reason why the Corporate MAC Club Membership has a regular quarterly meeting as part of its core service offering. This provides a focused forum for Investment discussion and decision making.

Would you like to benefit from a FREE Investment strategy review? Please contact us for more details:

Note: The value of your investment and any income from it may not be guaranteed and may go down as well as up depending on the type of investment product used and its future performance (and currency exchange rate changes where a fund invests overseas). You may not get back the original amount you invested.