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Vouched For

VouchedFor is your guide to Britain’s top rated professional services firms.  Whether you need a Financial Advisor, a Solicitor or an Accountant, VouchedFor is a tool to give consumers peace of mind.  All the advisers on VouchedFor have been vetted by VouchedFor and reviewed by their clients.

Chris George

MD of MAC Financial, was in the Daily Mail Supplement as one of the top-rated Financial Advisers in Greater London – something that didn’t surprise our existing customers, and something that should reassure our potential customers that they are talking to a firm that is knowledgeable and genuinely puts the interests of our clients first.


Read Chris’s reviews on VouchedFor on this link


Alex from Bedfordshire who writes, “Chris is head and shoulders above any other advisor I have dealt with.”

and Carole from Manchester who commented, “Chris is one of the very few people I completely trust with my money to do what is right for me.  He dealt with the movement of my pension in such a professional manner, moving me away from what I considered to be bad advice and into full control of my savings.  thanks Chris!”

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your financial matters and we can put you in personal touch with these and other happy clients.